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Meet IPNG - Essence of Design!

We take pride in our style; a beautiful collection of distinctive evening and comfort wear that redefines the high-end womenswear options for today's eclectic woman, providing story telling looks that inspire beauty, confidence and humor. 

Each collection remains focused on creating unique flairs that are style driven, comfortable and figure flattering pieces of art. Focusing primarily on customer's design and product satisfaction, we strive to provide high quality women's fashion line products using innovative techniques. IPNG collections are built around styles that cover all the daily essentials while using these unique techniques and materials, giving that luxuriously subtle and well fit feel that is distinctly IPNG.

IPNG is the destination for nonconformist, alternative fashion that features the latest styles and eccentric collections for women who like to express themselves through art of fashion.

Irem Petek Guven

IPNG Designer
Irem Petek Guven

Designer, Irem Petek Guven is a contemporary, Istanbul based fashion designer, born and raised in Turkey. Graduating from Bilkent University, she got her Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Media and Design.


In 2005 she won the Best Design Award in Bijorcha Jewel & Accessory Exhibition, Paris. Petek found her niche later on by specializing in high-end womenswear with a focus on print.

20 plus years of technical design experience, her driving passion and intelligent design aesthetic, as well as the functionality of her pieces has allowed her to create distinctive collections. Intuitive instincts in sourcing bold fabrics and the pursuit of cutting edge premarket materials have given Petek the ability to design and develop an eclectic brand clothing with great success. The inspiration behind her design esthetics are illustrated by experimentation with fabrics, prints, balls, beads, feathers, crystals and creation of a range of designs that are turned into wearable art. 

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